The facility


Our Residence is housed in an old farmhouse, whose historical roots go back to the mid-19th century.
In ancient times, in fact, the cottage was the home of a family of farmers and shepherds, who mainly took care of the vineyards and wheat fields surrounding the building.

On the ground floor were the stables for the animals: cows, poultry, rabbits and a hard-working mule, the ‘tractor’ of those bygone days. On the upper floors were the living quarters for the family, who used the heat produced by the animals below to keep their homes warm during the colder months of winter.

During the war the cottage was abandoned for several years and suffered serious structural damage: the roof collapsed and numerous cracks opened in the walls of the outer facade. In the early post-war years (1945-1950) the Pincini family became the owner.

Until the mid-1960s, the central part of the Rustico was inhabited by a peasant family. On the first floor of flat 1 was the barn, while on the ground floor were hens, turkeys and a large rabbit hutch. The present flats 9 and 11 were the cowsheds and mule stables.

It was only in the mid-1970s that the building underwent a major renovation that gave it part of its current appearance, transforming the old stables on the ground floor into independent living units, while preserving its rural character.
Naturally, over the years, and with the evolution of the surrounding area, the structure has also undergone various changes: hand in hand with the progressive tourist and industrial development of the Lake Garda area, the strictly rural character of the building has evolved in the direction of guest reception.

During the 70’s, the Rustico definitively abandoned its function as a “farmer’s house” to become a holiday home for the first “pioneer” tourists who, attracted by the unique climate and the wonderful shores of Lake Garda, contributed to making this territory one of the most popular Italian geographical areas for foreigners.

The last major transformation that Rustico has undergone is quite recent. In 1994, when my grandfather Paolo died, my family inherited the property.

The renovation

In 2008 the first works we did was on the garden: hedges, olive trees, trees, and a beautiful in-ground pool replacing the previous above-ground pool.

The car park, surrounded by new olive trees that mark the boundaries, was created at the back in the following years; the underground warehouse was built, serving as a laundry room and storage for bicycles and tools.

In 2016/2017, the entire west wing was enlarged with the intention of harmonising old and new architecture.
The classic L-shaped structure and arches are reminiscent of the farmhouses and cottages of the past. Stone and wood continue to dominate, while giving the building a fresher, newer look.

In 2019, the second swimming pool with its marble sunbathing area was built. It is a heated pool with hydromassage, and with other water games designed for hugging our customers even in months other than summer. Its peculiar and characteristic dark colour gives it elegance and fits perfectly with the image that the Residence Rustico has achieved in these years of changes and restyling.

Our passion for this work and the affection for our property bring us to always have so many ideas and so many projects to improve the Residence Rustico and to broaden the range of customer services, so to offer a memorable stay on the Lake Garda that you’ll never forget.

It is a matter of pride for us to feel the satisfaction shown by our customers who have visited us over the years.

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